Creative Shoot Photography Workshops


Life of the most professional photographers is far from being glamorous, unlike the existing stereotypes about us. Work is work, and most photography projects are done withing tight budgets and very strict time frames. Quite often there is no time for creativity, searches and mistakes, that any creative process always encounters. Projects are done quickly, efficiently, based on extensive experience acquired over the years to minimize the time and maximize the chances of achieving the ultimate goal – professionally looking results.

Good photographers, however, are artists, and chose this difficult job for the pure love of the art of photography. Without creative projects, photographer’s artistic side suffers and professional growth stops. That is why many photographers engage in creative photography projects that have no commercial goal, but are tremendously valuable for them in terms of realizing creative ideas and visions.

We try to have such creative photography shoots at ProPhoto Academy once a month, and by doing so,  we aim to help aspiring models, fashion designers and stylists and makeup artists to build their experience and portfolio. I also like to have help aspiring photographers to learn and grow their creativity, that is why I always invite one or two less experienced photographers to learn, practice, and share their creativity with the team.

Since these projects are non-commercial, all the costs associated with these creative shoots are split between the team members, thus making these amazing productions possible. If you would like to jump aboard and be present at one of our upcoming creative photography shoots, please contact the ProPhoto Academy.


winter wonderland theme fashion photography creative shoot


Winter Wonderland Fashion Creative, January 18, 2014, Ontario, Canada.

Photographer – Andrew Maidanik, Models – Tatiana Tikhomirova & Volka, MUA & Hair – Katerina Rapoport, Wardrobe – Reena Green, Styling – Katya Revenko, Set – Denis Gervits – Thank you all guys, you are amazing!!!

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