Photography Workshops at Toronto ProPhoto Academy

At ProPhoto Academy we offer a wide variety of photography workshops and courses for students of all levels. So whether you are a novice and just starting to explore the world of photography, an advanced amateur or an experienced photographer – you will find a workshop, course or a program that suits your needs perfectly. Listed below are workshops currently offered at ProPhoto Academy. At ProPhoto Academy you will LEARN TO SHOOT LIKE A PRO!


PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS are divided into two categories: Ambient Light Portrait Photography and Studio Portrait Photography. Workshops are offered for students of beginner, intermediate and advanced levels… more details


FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS are unique opportunity to be part of the creative team and translate collective artistic vision into the real images that will be a great addition to your photography portfolio working with the industry leading fashion designers, top Toronto fashion models, makeup and hair stylists… more details


WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS present any photographer or photography student with an amazing opportunity to learn and practice shooting the wedding coverage and build their wedding photography portfolio. Knowing how to shoot weddings and having a wedding portfolio is absolutely critical to the survival of any modern day portrait photographer… more details


ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS  Engagement photo session (or a “love story photo session”) is a very popular and an integral part of a wedding photography. It is absolutely crucial for any portrait/wedding photographer to have these shots in their portfolio, as it brings steady income and possible wedding clients in the future… more details


FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS  Food photography, and small product photography in general, is becoming a very important area of photography, as the sales industry is moving more and more towards on-line sales. In many segments, on-line sales have surpassed the physical sales for the past few years in a row…  more details

Duration: 3 hours. Fee: $40.  Group size: 12.

Next Food and Product Photography Workshop is on February 07, 2015 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM


CREATIVE SHOOTS PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS We try to have creative photography shoots at ProPhoto Academy once a month, and by doing so,  we aim to help aspiring models, fashion designers and stylists and makeup artists to build their experience and portfolio. I also like to have help aspiring photographers to learn and grow their creativity, that is why I always invite one or two less experienced photographers to learn, practice, and share their creativity with the team… more details


FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS  On-camera flash is an essential tool for an event photographer – it allows the photographer to work in conditions where there is simply not enough light. Most of the photographers have it, yet, not everyone knows how to use it correctly… more details

Duration: 2 hours. Fee: $20. Group size: 20.

Next Flash and Event Photography Workshop is on January 30, 2015 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP (DPW 101) –  is designed specifically for novice photographers with no or little photography experience.  If you have an advanced point and shoot digital camera of a DSLR and you would like to learn how to properly use the camera settings and functions to achieve stable great quality pictures – this is the workshop for you… more details


STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP –  It is absolutely essential for any portrait photographer to be able to take portraits in a studio setting, as natural light is not always an option. In-studio photography can be divided into a few categories such as ordinary portrait photography, fashion photography, catalogue advertisement photography, glamour and nude photography… more details

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