Wedding Photography Workshops


Photography: Andrew Maidanik
Captured at the 2012 Wedding Photography Workshop in Toronto


Photography: Andrew Maidanik
Captured at the 2013 Wedding Photography Workshop in Toronto


Knowing how to shoot weddings and having a wedding portfolio is absolutely critical to the survival of any modern day portrait photographer. Income generated by wedding photography is probably by far the most stable and substantial part of most portrait and event photographers.

Our wedding photography instructor, Andrew Maidanik has over 14 years of experience working in the wedding industry, and having shot over 300 weddings possesses a vast expertise that he is happy to share with you during these workshops and masterclass.  Andrew’s wedding and engagement portfolio can be viewed here: http://www.andrewmaidanik.com

The wedding masterclass is designed to give students all the essential skills, knowledge and information to be able to start a wedding photography business. You will learn how to acquire a wedding client, shoot a wedding and produce a wedding album or a gallery. Typically, unless otherwise noted, these are 2 day masterclasses with the following schedule:

Day 1, Field Work –  9:00 -18:00

Day 2, Business Model, Portfolio Preparation, 12:00 – 17:00

On the first day we will recreate and shoot an actual “wedding day”, beginning at the hotel suite with the bridal “getting ready” shots, including all the details shots, such as rings, flowers, shoes, dress, etc. Every student will rotate to make sure everyone gets all the necessary shots for their portfolio.

Once our bride is ready, we will shoot “home” portraits.

We will continue with limo shots outside. Typically it is 1950’s or 1960’s vintage limo to work with and once we complete that we will walk and shoot a few different downtown locations with the bride and groom.

Just like always, we will have both, female and a male models from Canada’s top modelling agencies, designer dress, wedding rings and custom made bouquet.

On the second day, the group will meet at ProPhoto Academy and discuss all the business aspects of the wedding photography, beginning with advertising, clients interview, signing of the contact, wedding photography package design and continue with image editing, print and album making techniques.

We will visit the one of the Toronto’s leading printing labs that caters to wedding photographers and learn the latest trends in printing industry.

For this workshop you will need:

  • DSLR camera with at least 8 GB storage cards
  • Portrait Lens, Macro Lens, Zoom Lens 24-70, etc.
  • Flash unit with fully charged batteries (optional)
  • Pen and a note pad to take notes

Duration: 14 hours, 2 days. Fee – $700. Group size – 9 students.

Date: June 23-24, 2017, Southern Ontario, exact location TBA.

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